Community Climate Action project launch

Every one of us has a role to play to help build a brighter future for our community and city. Let's face the climate emergency together.

Starts : April 12, 2021
Start Time : 07:00 pm

Ends : April 12, 2021
End Time : 08:30 pm




Online via Zoom -


Conversation, Environment, Food, Health + Wellbeing, Inequality + Social Justice, Local Issues, Neighbourhood Action


Eastside Community Trust

What’s possible in 2030 – Community Climate Action Plan launch

As we look ahead to the next ten years, one thing is clear – everyone has a role to play to help build a brighter future for our community and city. Whether you’re a parent, business owner, health professional, community leader, resident, worker, driver, cyclist, pedestrian… it’s all hands on deck!

Easton and Lawrence Hill, along with the rest of the city, will be facing major changes to the way we work and live our lives. To make sure these changes work for our community, we need to hear from a wide range of voices and work together to forge our own path to reach this goal and create a brighter future.

We’ll be introducing the project, opening up a conversation around what’s important to our local area, and sharing ideas of how we can work together to develop our plan of action.

The session will be facilitated by Zakiya Mckenzie (journalist, academic, and nature writer) and we’ll also be joined by Mark Pepper from Ambition Lawrence Weston.

We’ll start by looking at the climate emergency facts and figures. Then explore the current and potential impact on our community, steps that are already being taken to lessen these effects, and what we can do in the future.

More about the Community Climate Action project…

Eastside Community Trust is working with the people of Easton + Lawrence Hill to understand what a path to carbon-neutral could look like. The project will support community-led climate action, putting local people in the driving seat and empower them to respond to climate change in their communities. Find out more