CIL funding 2022 – workshop

Please join us for the workshop where councillors will explain what CIL is, what it can be used for, and listen to ideas groups and community members have.

Starts : March 16, 2022
Start Time : 07:00 pm

Ends : March 16, 2022
End Time : 09:00 pm




Easton Community Centre, Bristol, BS5 6AW -


Environment, Local Issues, Neighbourhood Action, People + Places


Eastside Community Trust

If you are an organisation in Easton or Lawrence Hill that is interested in bidding for Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funding or are a resident, or business with ideas for infrastructure improvements in the area, please come along and find out more.

Local councillors from Easton and Lawrence Hill will explain what CIL is, what the criteria are, and how you can turn your idea into a successful application.

Read more about CIL on the Bristol City Council website

Information video:
An information video with closed captions is also available on the webpage. This can be viewed here. The aim of this is to ensure the information can be viewed at a convenient time to anyone wishing to access it and offers the same content as would usually provide at the in-person sessions.

Key deadlines:
Organisations, communities and Council departments are being asked to put forward proposals for potential projects for the local Area Committee to consider by mid-March.

Ward councillors will make sure the outline proposal forms (stage 1) are completed, ask for more information if required and then confirm their ‘in principle’ support for the idea and submit it.

The deadline for final outline proposal forms (agreed in principle with ward councillors) is the 4 April 2022.

You will find the three stages of application and key dates on the Bristol City Council website 


Who can apply?
What can be pitched?
How do I submit an application?