Playday 2023 – Kids only day

To celebrate Play Day 2023 we are having a children only day at Felix Road Adventure Playground.

Play Day 2023 – Kids only day

Wednesday 2 August, 12 to 5.30pm
(Children 8-14 years old only, no under 8’s and no adults)

To celebrate Play Day this year we are having a children only day at the playground.

Free play helps children develop their own independence and resilience, when adults get in the way it interrupts important learning and development. We are a community that prioritises children’s right to play. On Play Day 2023 we want to celebrate this by giving the children the freedom to play uninterrupted by grown-ups, allowing them the space they need to grow independence and confidence.

Whilst we are glad that the playground is a community space where families feel at home we want to remind everyone that the space is predominantly for children, it is a space for them to enjoy their childhood, escape, be silly, experiment and figure things out.

Trained play workers will be staffing the playground as normal and will be on hand to support the children during the day if they should need it.

Pick up and drop off at the gate. Children will be offered a free meal (halal and vegetarian options are always available).

If you have any questions please talk to Ollie 07810 506 980