SPACE 238 – Collage Public Art Design Workshop

Take part in this unique opportunity to contribute to a vibrant public artwork that will transform Stapleton Road and celebrate the community's spirit and creativity.

SPACE 238 – Collage Public Art Design Workshop

Monday 24 July, 2 to 4pm

238 Stapleton Road, Easton Bristol BS5 0NT

Join Molly Mural for a hands-on, 2-hour “Collage Public Art Design Workshop” at Space 238. This interactive experience focuses on developing ideas and concepts for a community-driven public artwork installation set to enliven Stapleton Road this summer. Emphasising collaboration and community input, this workshop will help shape the future of public art in your neighbourhood.

During the workshop, you will engage in thought-provoking discussions about the impact of colour and art in public spaces, and how these elements can evoke power and joy in our daily lives. You will also learn various design techniques to bring your ideas to life through paper cut collage.

As you work alongside fellow participants, you will share your ideas, drawing inspiration from local culture, history, and community values. The workshop will conclude with a group discussion, where you will collectively identify key themes and narratives for the final Stapleton Road public art design.


This activity is part of the City Centre and High Streets Recovery and Renewal programme, funded by Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority’s Love our High Streets project.