Partnership and collaboration

Partnerships and collaboration

Partnership working is at the heart of all that we do. We know the power of working together and building strong, resilient networks will only become more important as our communities face increasingly complex and interconnected challenges. We work in partnership with a number of local, citywide and national organisations in pursuit of delivering our aims and are committed to always working with others where we can increase our impact and help others achieve their aims where we have shared values. We are committed to building solid networks of mutual support and sharing knowledge, expertise, and resources within and across sectors and communities.

Life after Neighbourhood Partnerships


“We commissioned Eastside Community Trust [formerly Up Our Street] to undertake two related pieces of work in the early stages of planning for the Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus. The first was a review of existing shops and services in the local area, so we could understand the local ecosystem and how our campus could contribute to it – and where we needed to be mindful of existing businesses and communities. The second was a workshop, with a very wide range of stakeholders, exploring what locations in the city they find welcoming and which are off-putting – and how we can build a campus that is genuinely inclusive. The two reports were detailed, thoughtful and constructive and they ensured that a very wide range of voices were heard in a critical stage of the development of the campus.” Guy Orpen, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for New Campus Developments