2021 at Felix Road Adventure Playground

8 Mar, 2021
We will be building some new structures and giving parts of the playground a much-needed makeover in 2021 and can't wait to welcome you back.

2020 was a difficult year for all of us. Although 2021 has started with another lockdown, we are excited about the work that we have been able to do while claose and can’t wait to welcome families and children back to a re-energised play space. Over  the first few months of 2021, we will be building some new structures and giving parts of the playground a much-needed makeover.

We have listened to all the ideas children and families shared with us last year and we are so excited to for them to come to life! We are working with the best in the  business, Woodland Tribe, who are helping us to transform the playground and we are hoping later this year you’ll be able to help us.

What changes are happening?

At the back of the playground, we will be building a new structure that goes around the tango swing. Don’t worry, the swing is staying! This new structure will look a bit like the model on the right. It will have a series of raised walkways that will lead up to a tall pyramid structure in the corner of the playground. The structure will be covered in hanging plants and provide a great viewpoint overlooking the whole of the playground as well as the tango swing.

We will also begin the process of transforming the existing structure. This structure is over 20 years old and much of it needs replacing. We have decided to remove all of the parts that are rotting and slippery, whilst keeping as many of the large, upright poles as possible. This should create an exciting space that changes regularly and give you the skills and freedom to create your own playground.

The under 5s area at the front of the playground will also be given a complete makeover. We will be transforming it into a beautiful sensory garden with lots of plants and flowers, vegetable plots, natural archways, a treehouse, and even a caravan that you can play in.

The area where the pond is will be turned into a secluded wild area. We will be building a barn-like shelter on the top level, as well as a staircase that leads down to the pond. This will descend over a mound through which there will be an underground tunnel you can explore.  We will also install a mud kitchen, a new seating area, and grow lots of new plants.


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