Community Climate Action

9 Mar, 2021
The project will support community-led climate action, putting local people in the driving seat and empowering them to respond to climate change in their communities.

Communities of Easton and Lawrence Hill will be taking a leading role in shaping Bristol’s transition to becoming a low carbon and climate-resilient city. While we’re working out what a positive transition looks like in Easton and Lawrence Hill we’ll also be working with five other community organisations with the aim that together we can put the city on the path to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

The project will support community-led climate action, putting local people in the driving seat and empowering them to respond to climate change in their communities. We are aiming to enable communities to explore and tackle the issues around climate change set out in the strategy in a way that complements other local priorities, such as COVID-19 recovery, health, increased mobility, warmer homes, social inclusion, better access to services, nature and green space, and skills and employment opportunities.

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This project will be supported by three lead programme partners – Bristol Green Capital Partnership, who led the funding bid; Centre for Sustainable Energy; and Bristol City Council.

Celebrating in St Judes

The story so far…


Following the launch of our Lottery funded Community Climate Action project in October 2020, we have been working with five other community partners across Bristol to begin planning how we will engage and involve our communities in the creation of community-level climate action plans.

This spring we will begin active conversations within the six communities to identify local priorities and climate action solutions which address them, which will feed into the emerging community climate action plans. The partners – Lockleaze Neighbourhood Trust, Ambition Lawrence Weston, Heart of BS13, Bristol Disability Equality Forum, ACH and Eastside Community Trust – work with a range of geographical communities and communities of interest across the city. Each plan will be tailored to its community’s priorities and more particular circumstances, while also working alongside the city’s strategic plan to create larger change.

We will be running a series of creative events and activities, along with a radio show. Through this range of diverse events and methods, we hope to creatively inspire, communicate with, and elicit ideas and priorities from you about how climate change will impact your life and wellbeing in the future and what we can do together to address it.

The emphasis of the community action plans will be to increase the quality of life in our neighbourhood, whilst also taking action on climate change.

There will be lots of events and activities this coming year. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about this work contact Emily, or call 07986 949430

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Work with us: Treasurer

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New mural at Easton Community Centre

New mural at Easton Community Centre

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