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9 Feb, 2021
Community Space meetings enable residents to agree projects for CIL money and facilitate discussions around issues brought to us by local people.

Community Space meetings enable residents to agree on projects for CIL money and facilitate discussions around issues brought to us by local people.

At the end of the Neighbourhood Partnerships, we were asked by our local councilors if we could support them to hold community space meetings. These meetings help councilors make decisions, are a place to hear important news affecting our area and how local residents can be involved in decision making.

One of the main priorities for the Community Space meetings will be to agree on projects for CIL money.

See below for an explanation of the process.


What is Community Infrastructure Levy also know as CIL?

1. When a developer builds something (housing, retail etc.) they have to pay a charge, known as CIL, to the Council.

2. The Council keeps 85% of this for citywide projects (like the Arena) and 15% goes to local areas (although communities which have adopted Neighbourhood Development Plans receive 25% of CIL monies generated in their defined area and ring-fenced for their benefit)

3. Decisions on how to allocate the 15% local CIL funding used to be made by the local Councillors advised by the Neighbourhood Partnership. They will now be made by Area Committees which are made up of the Councillors from a group of wards.

4. CIL money from all developments in Ashley, Easton, Lawrence Hill, Central, Troopers Hill, St George East and St George West will now be lumped into one pot and decided by one Area Committee.

5. CIL can only be spent on ‘infrastructure’ projects – usually capital works – that are connected to local developments and mitigate their impact on the community – this might be highways works like traffic calming, parks improvements or community buildings. CIL money cannot be spent on running costs or staffing for an ongoing service or activity.

6. There is no upper or lower budget limit-but we are looking at a few large scale projects per area.

How to apply

You can review a full presentation by former Cllr Ruth Pickersgill from the meeting held in February 2021 HERE

Read more about CIL on the Bristol City Council website HERE.

Information video:
An information video with closed captions is also available on the webpage. This can be viewed here. The aim of this is to ensure the information can be viewed at a convenient time to anyone wishing to access it and offers the same content as would usually provide at the in-person sessions.

Key deadlines for 2021-22:
Organisations, communities and Council departments are being asked to put forward proposals for potential projects for the local Area Committee to consider by mid-March.

Project ideas should be set out briefly on an Outline Project Proposal Form.

Ward councillors will make sure the outline proposal forms (stage 1) are completed, ask for more information if required and then confirm their ‘in principle’ support for the idea and submit it.

The deadline for final outline proposal forms (agreed in principle with ward councillors) is the 5 April 2021.

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