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3 Jan, 2023
Eastside is thrilled to be moving forward into the next stage of our Community Climate Action Project, funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.

Eastside is thrilled to be moving forward into the next stage of our Community Climate Action Project, following a successful bid for additional funding from the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.


Alongside members of the community, we will now start putting Easton and Lawrence Hill’s Community Climate Action Plan into action over the next three years!

Along with five other community partners, Eastside will be running a “demonstrator project” specific to our local area and the priorities identified by residents in our Community Climate Action Plan.

We heard from loads of residents last summer about your hopes, worries, and ideas as we were writing our plan, and one of the topics that rose to the top was energy. We heard from people that they wanted :

  • warm homes
  • affordable heating and electric bills
  • opportunities to learn more about community energy, warm homes, and energy bills

They also shared worries about rising energy prices, along with colder homes in the winter and hotter homes in the summer.

Our Eastside People Power demonstrator project will help equip our community with the tools we need to address these concerns, preparing for challenges ahead but also making sure we’re ready for things like home energy grants and new jobs to make sure these opportunities reach our community.

We are really lucky to have community energy leaders from Bristol Energy Network here in our city, and chuffed that they will be bringing their vast experience, expertise, and connections to support our project and help us spread it more widely.


  • Energy advice on how to lower bills and keep homes warm through the winter
  • Warm Up Skill Up home energy retrofit training programme
  • Handyperson training programme in draught proofing and home energy retrofit
  • Resilience hub and climate leadership programme for community organisations
  • Telling new stories around climate action in our community

Eastside will be getting our own house in order, making our buildings more energy efficient, and sharing what we learn along the way!

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