Food at Felix

14 May, 2021
At Felix Road food is part of the history of the playground - we love food and we want to share that love with children and their families.

Hello welcome to our kitchen 

At Felix Road food is part of the history of the playground – we love food and we want to share that love with children and their families. Food at Felix will always celebrate different food cultures, tastes and flavours. 

At Felix Road, we care about all the children who come here. This means we think a lot about the type of food we serve. We plan our menus and treats so that children get a nutritional balance of the good stuff and the stuff that we shouldn’t eat too much of. Food at Felix is about growing, cooking, giving, selling and eating our own food. 

Did you know? 

  • Since we reopened, playworkers have seen litter decrease by around 80% on the playground. 
  • Around 42% of children age 10-11 living in our neighbourhood are overweight (Quality of Life 2020) 
  • There are over 400 children in Easton who qualify for free school meals and over 1200 children in Lawrence Hill. 

Our prices 

We want to keep our food affordable and make sure everyone who needs one, gets a hot meal. We also need to cover the costs of running the kitchen. We do this by raising money through grants but if you are able to make a donation towards your meal then this is gratefully received.


Fuel for play. Good food is the fuel for children’s play.
Enjoyment. Food can make our play even more fun.
Free for those who need it. No one will be turned away.
Comforting and familiar. Sometimes we all need a treat.
Nourishing. Strong minds and bodies.
Family. Makes us feel loved and valued.
Exciting/ trying new things/ delights/ sensory. Variety of coloursflavours, textures.
Culture/ different worlds/ religions. Our different backgrounds and stories.
Connection. Food is what connects the whole world and our community.
Origin/ home. Food is linked to good memories.
Farming/ the people who grow our food. Remember the farmer.
Protecting the planet. Good for the environment and places where we live.
Meet Nirmal – she is our Kitchen Coordinator and she cooks tasty meals to help give children the energy to play and have fun. 

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