Healthy People, Healthy Planet

2 Sep, 2021
Tell us your views, hopes, and preferences for climate action in our neighbourhood. Results from this questionnaire will feed into the final Community Climate Action plan and help build a fairer, greener environment for all.

Over the last few months we have been talking to members of the community about climate change and listening to their thoughts, fears, hopes and aspirations for tackling the challenges that climate change will bring.

We want to hear your ideas of things we can do together to make positive change.

This questionnaire is an opportunity to share your views and ideas on climate change locally. The results of the survey will feed into the community climate action plan, which we’ll be writing after our months of listening. This plan will lay out actions we can take together to make our neighbourhood happier and healthier for the people who live here and for our planet, and help us understand our next steps over the months and years ahead.

You will be given the opportunity to share your contact details at the end of the survey to be included in the random raffle for three participants to win £50.

Want to get in touch with us about the Community Climate Action Project? Please email or call 07986949430. Find out more about the project here

Amy Harrison

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