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9 Nov, 2023
Could you be a champion for warm, damp-free homes in our community?

Could you be a champion for warm, damp-free homes in our community?

Following the success of our Warm Home Champion programme in Spring 2023, we are now looking to take on another group of Warm Home Champions this winter. Through the programme residents will learn how to make their homes more energy efficient and reduce dampness and mould through a number of retrofit methods such as – draught-proofing, ventilation, insulation, and potential installation of heat pumps.

We are looking to recruit a small group of local residents keen to take steps in their own homes and share what they learn with others in the community along the way. Guidance and support will be given throughout, based on your particular circumstances (renting/owning, old/new home, how much funding is available, etc.). This is to help our community respond to rising energy prices, hotter and colder temperatures and changes to the way we heat our homes. It’s also to help prepare our local area for future home energy grants and other support. 

We aren’t looking for energy experts. What we are looking for is neighbours and active community members open to learning together, asking questions and helping to get information out to all corners of our community.


The free home energy retrofit programme includes:

  • Two full thermal imaging surveys of your home (before and after changes)
  • Energy retrofit report, which could be used to access future funding
  • Six-week training programme, including a practical DIY draught-proofing session 
  • Ongoing peer and technical support as you start taking steps on your own home
  • Support from Eastside Community Trust to help you share what you learn with others in the community
  • Follow-up survey to see the change your actions have made and make sure everything is installed properly in your home

The programme will be led by Bristol Energy Network and Energy Tracers CIC. 

Graffiti wall in Felix Road

Warm Home Champions, spring 23 group

Graffiti wall in Felix Road

Warm Home Champion workshop 2023



Changes to a home or building to make it more comfortable, keep bills down, and help the planet by reducing the amount of energy it uses. This includes things like insulation and draught proofing to keep cool air from coming in and improving ventilation to prevent damp and mould.


We’re looking for people who are:

  • Well connected in your local community and passionate about helping friends and neighbours
  • Ready to try taking steps in your home to make it more efficient, and share what you learn along the way through photos and video with help from Eastside
  • Keen to share what you learn and engage with other members of the group
  • Open to trying something new and learning with us as we go to create a home retrofit model that works in our community
  • We want to make this course do-able for anyone who wants to participate, and we will work with participants to make sure you have the support you need to participate fully

INTERESTED? Please contact Vic with questions

EMAIL vic@upourstreet.org.uk

CALL OR MESSAGE 07539 309343


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