GUEST BLOG: A Muslim’s Guide to Climate Change

8 Oct, 2021
Easton Jamia Mosque has released “A Muslim’s Guide to Climate Change” to highlight links between Islam and the responsibility to protect our environment.

​We’ve spoken with many residents over the past six months as part of our Community Climate Action project and we have been inspired by the actions local people are already taking, as well as their energy and desire to do more together. We’ve also learned a lot about some of the ways climate action and sustainability relate to the various traditions, cultures and skills already present in our community.

As part of Great Big Green Week, a national week of climate action in September, Easton Jamia Mosque held a number of activities and released a booklet originally by the Bahu Trust titled “A Muslim’s Guide to Climate Change” to highlight links between Islamic teachings and the responsibility to take action to reduce carbon emissions and protect our environment.

Here Abdul Malik, chair of Easton Jamia Masjid, shares some thoughts about the work done so far and the reasons behind it:

We’re so excited about this piece of grassroots work and the impact it can have on our community. The effects of climate change on our globe and here in our own neighbourhood are very real, and we must all act now to counter this profoundly worrying change.

The Quran and our religion have set out very clearly over 1400 years ago our role as citizens who are responsible for the negative impact we all create on a daily basis. The mosque is taking steps to stress the importance of our role to counter this worrying phenomenon and take positive action.

Not only are we affected here but many of us have communities abroad that are affected by the rise in temperature and rise in sea levels across the globe. Many of us read about the emergency but do not understand the actions we can take to make a real difference.

This booklet, along with other actions we’re taking at the mosque, is a first step in helping to motivate our community to make climate change a priority. We must take action together, and call on our leaders to take bold steps to reduce carbon emissions to ensure a brighter future for our children and the planet.

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