Netham Park Conversations

1 Mar, 2021
Finding out what local people like about the park and gathering their thoughts and ideas about what could make the park better.

Bristol Future Parks, a Bristol City Council project, commissioned Eastside Community Trust to run a pilot project in Netham Park.

We worked alongside Friends of Netham Park and Bristol and Bath Park Foundation to test different ways of engaging with people who live near or use the park. The aim was to talk to people about what they liked about the park and gather their thoughts and ideas about what could make the park better.

The story so far…

We did a bit of old-fashioned door knocking and managed to run a few activities in the autumn 2020 before the winter COVID-19 lockdowns set in.
After looking through all the questionnaires several themes emerged and popular suggestions were made:

  • Park keeper
  • Entertainment
  • Bins
  • Safety
  • Improved access
  • Signage and nature trails
  • More play opportunities
  • Park furniture
  • Planting
  • Exercise
  • Pavilion

The Future

We are excited to be part of a new community partnership that has plans for a bright and active future for Netham Park Pavilion and sports pitches.


Easton Community Centre

In November 2020 the Bristol and Bath Parks Foundation’s Your Park were joined by students from Barton Hill Academy and others to plant thousands of tulip and crocus bulbs around the entrance to Netham Park. Thank you to everyone who lent a hand.

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