No Longer Blind

7 Oct, 2021
Celebrating National Poetry Day 2021 with a reminder of a poem written by Shelena Artman for our BLM Young Writer Competition in Autumn 2020.


Shelena entered our Black Lives Matter Young Writer Competition for young people from Bristol in Autumn 2020. In the wake of the tragic murder of George Floyd and the height of the BLM movement across the world. We invite young people in our community to reflect on the events that shock the world.

A year on and today is National Poetry Day. It feels like a good chance to hear Shelenas words again, reflect and look forward.

“I have written a poem that is inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement. In response to the continuous injustices that occur in my city, I believe that everyone’s eyes should be opened in order to bring forth change. Not only the change of an individual’s unconscious bias but a change in systemic damage.”

Shelena was recently awarded an Enterprise Hero award at this year’s Bristol Young Heros Awards. Congratulations Shelena.

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