Positive projections

8 Mar, 2021
Lighting up the neighbourhood with positive messages and creativity

During the darker months of Winter 2020-21 we have been lighting up the neighbourhood in collaboration with our neighbours The Plough Inn.

Having recently received a fresh paint job we saw an opportunity to use the white walls of the Plough as a canvas for projecting positive messages and important public health information during the dark winter evenings.

It has had a really positive reception from local people and during March we are showcasing the work of local artists.

Paul Sargent a local photographer who has been documenting the comings and going in his local corner shop.

Since the summer of 2020 I have been taking photos inside and outside ‘Pat’s News and Booze’ on Church Road in Redfield.

I wanted to show how important shops like Pat’s have been to our community over the last year, and how special the place and its characters are.

During the pandemic the shop has stayed open supplying us with essentials and a few luxuries, with a positive and friendly attitude. June 2021 will mark the 30th anniversary that Pat has had a shop on Church Road.

The project is based on three themes of Hands, Face and Space.

To find out more about Pauls project and to be in with a chance of winning a signed print visit  @pats.photo.project on Instagram.

Inner Gifts, animated analog collage 2017-2019 by Axenia Raulet

Axenia Raulet is an Easton based dreamer with an irrepressible impulsion to create in order to remain sane. Proud of speaking 9 languages and being able to communicate with a vast majority of the people in the neighbourhood. “When I am not making collages, you can find me recording sounds from pans, pots or grass hoppers. My passions extend from absurd literature and clowning to anarchic cooking and human and animal rights advocating.”

Follow Axenia on Instgram @OCTOPUS_ODYSSEY

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