Playful Bristol’s strategy for play

8 Oct, 2020

Bristol: a leading city for children’s play

Playful Bristol is a consortium of leading play organisations in Bristol. Formed in 2018, we share a commitment to play in all its forms.

Bristol’s play sector currently provides a crucial service to children in many areas of the city, especially where there are few opportunities and barriers to play are high. The organisations comprising Playful Bristol all advocate for children and young people’s play and create play opportunities for the city’s children and young people, through providing services or supporting families. We have been working collaboratively for many years, coming together to organise the city’s annual and much-loved Play Day, sharing ideas and best practice and acting as a combined voice for children and play in the city.

Bristol has always been seen as a playful city – it’s one of the main reasons why Bristol has an international reputation as a family-friendly place to live.
That reputation means that Bristol is growing fast – it has a younger than average population, with the number of under 16’s growing at nearly 3 times the national average. There will be an additional 11,000 children in the city by 2026.

Multiple play opportunities are important to children and families and vital to a healthy, happy childhood. It is because of this central importance of play in children’s lives, and to Bristol’s future growth and development, that Playful Bristol has produced this new strategy for children’s play.

Playful Bristol Steering Group includes:
  • Bristol Association for Neighbourhood Daycare
  • Southmead Development Trust
  • Children’s Scrapstore
  • Felix Road Adventure Playground
  • Groundwork South West
  • Imayla
  • Learning Partnership West
  • Playing Out
  • St Pauls Adventure Playground
  • Woodland Tribe CIC

There is also a wider range of organisations working with Playful Bristol to support children’s play.

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