Stronger Together

20 Oct, 2020
A film about the process of community organisations merging for resilience and better impact.

Eastside Community Trust is pleased to present a film about the process of merger that they hope will be a resource for other small charities thinking of joining forces. 

Stronger Together talks to members of the community who played pivotal roles in the merger of Easton Community Centre, Felix Road Adventure Playground and Up Our Street. The film shares the journey the three organisations went on to get to this point. It explores the rationale for merging, practicalities, fears and misgivings, and why for small charities it could be an excellent option to ensure resilience and provide better impact for communities. 

“It can be quite daunting for a small organisation to take on a merger when resources are already stretched. We want the film to show others that it can be done. Although not easy, by combining assets, resources and passion for the community it is achievable.” Stacy Yelland, CEO 

Many organisations are having to work more in partnership and collaboration with others to maximise the impact of their work. Smaller community organisations face difficult decisions when it comes to financial viability. A merger could be an attractive option in the face of the withdrawal of core funding. 

“It was a steep learning curve for all involved, so we wanted to share our learning.” Amanda Watson, board member. 

Through the merger, we have stabilised our finances and now have the capacity to do more. Already we have seen an increase in successful funding applications. By becoming a medium size charity we have access to larger pots of money for core funding and investment in infrastructure and building.

Film by Gary Thomas  

Contact Emily Fifield for more information about the process of merger

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