Thank You Awards 2022

20 Oct, 2022
Thank You Award 2022 - photos from the night, nominations and nominees.

Every year Eastside Community Trust holds our Thank You Awards dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the local people and businesses who go above and beyond to make Easton and Lawrence Hill a great place to live, work and visit.

Above are all the nominees receiving their awards in October 2022, CONGRATULATIONS.

The Thank You Awards will be back in Autumn 2023.

If you have any questions about the Thank You Awards, please contact Becky Whitmore 01179 9541 409, email

2022’s Thank You Award nominees…

Patrick and Lucy Winch, nominated by Carla McGregor 

Patrick and Lucy have been stalwarts of the Easton and BS5 Art’s trails since it began and are key organisers of the St Anne’s Christmas fairs. Doing the behind the scenes work without which these great community events would not happen. 

Alice Ballentine-Dykes, nominated by Eastside Community Trust 

Alice Ballentine-Dykes, who joined the board of #FelixRoadAPG when she became a parent wanting to give her time to help protect and develop this wonderful space. Alice has offered her time, skills and connections with other parents to help develop the playground. 

Type 2 Diabetes Peer Mentors, Brigstowe – nominated by Denise Swain 

The Peer Partnership type 2 diabetes peer mentors volunteer their time, using their own experience to help others who have either been recently diagnosed, or are struggling with an aspect of their diagnosis. 

Abdi Barud, nominated by Sarah Renshaw 

Abdi Barud is Chairman of Bristol Somali Interactive Media Association. His organisation has run a number of events bringing local people together with poets, singers, activists and other local influencers to record video and radio clips sharing stories. 

Long Covid Peer Facilitators, Brigstowe – nominated by Denise Swain 

The Peer Partnership long Covid peer facilitators volunteer their time, using their own experience to help others who have either been recently diagnosed, or are struggling with an aspect of their diagnosis. 

Rachel Hodgson, nominated by Helen Ashley and Camilla Maclaverty 

Rachel Hodgson has been running Super Supper Club in Easton for 9years. The club offers local residents a 3 course meal using supermarket food which would otherwise end up in landfill. She fits this in around her full time demanding job in social care. 

HIV Peer Mentors, Brigstowe – nominated by Denise Swain 

Brigstowe HIV Peer Mentors volunteer their time, using their own experience to help others who have either been recently diagnosed, or are struggling with an aspect of their diagnosis. 

Azza Mustafa, nominated by Debra Newrick 

Azza has tirelessly run Sadaga as a volunteer for the past 5 years. Sadaga Group is a group of Arabic-speaking women who meet regularly to connect with each other, the community and share their stories. 

Ruth Harrisson, nominated by Mary Tibbett 

Ruth Harrison has also been a terrific force for change over the past year or so, getting involved with numerous community initiatives, plus generally being a whirlwind of enthusiasm. 

Maria Faiomy, nominated by Becky Whitmore 

Maria Faiomy is amazing! She has organised markets at #EastonCommunityCentre to promote small businesses set up by refugees and migrant backgrounds. Her enthusiasm and belief in community gives others, the confidence to share their culture with their new community. 

Esther Gooch, nominated by Alex Hatherly 

Esther did an incredible job creating a bustling cafe in Easton Christian Family Centre, providing food parcels to those who needed them, affordable lunches and a pay-as-you-feel system. 

Gloria Dick, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Gloria Dick is a volunteer who has been committed to supporting the idea of sharing crafts with others since we started Craft to Connect. Gloria has recently volunteered to lead sessions, her passion and excitement for crafts have kept the sessions going. 

Juliet Harwood, nominated by Amy Goodwin 

Juliet Harwood has gone above and beyond in volunteering with St Luke’s Lunch. From the moment she first started volunteering, she took the role with enthusiasm and made it her own. They wouldn’t be able to provide this valuable service without her. 

Family Food Action, nominated by Tom Williams 

Family Food Action is a group of residents who have been donating food on a weekly basis to #FelixRoadAPG. The volunteers provide a weekly supply of fresh fruit and veg, halal meat, fish and other staples enabling us to cook over 14k free meals for children a year. 

Lesley Isles, nominated by Asha Abdulkadir 

Lesley Isles, when it comes to looking after our children she went the extra mile to get things that kids need to play during lunchtime and the kids love and adore her. I have been working with her for six years and I got to know her better and she has been a great friend so I would like to say thank you for being there for me. 

Tatianna Rees, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Tasha was one of the first volunteers to Come Dine with Us. She was always willing to share her vast amount of experience with us. Encouraged us to look at different ways of setting up the space and serving our community meal. 

Hemlata Pant, nominated by Emily Fifield 

Hemlata Pant started a gardening group for kids called the Newtown Nature Club. Through the club’s regular gardening sessions, she brought families together at her local park and get kids digging and planting together for the first time. 

Hilary Banks, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Hilary Banks supported Music to Connect an over the phone music project designed to help over 50 connect through a love of music and memories of what songs mean to people. 

Abdul Malik, nominated by Andy Burkitt 

Abdul Malik had an outstanding year of work as the Chair of the Easton Mosque in St Marks Road, working to help the whole community especially as Easton comes out of the Pandemic and readies itself for recession. 

Sagal Ahmed, nominated by Khalil Abdi 

Sagal is a volunteer with Horn Youth Concern. Since covid, she has been working helping families – encouraging them to be active, healthy and go out. She helps Horn Youth Concern to deliver their programme of youth activities in St Judes and Rawnsley House. 

BS5 Secondary Forum, nominated by Mike Dixon 

For over 5 years members of the BS5 Secondary Forum have tirelessly campaigned on behalf of children and families in Easton and Lawrence Hill, for the long overdue and much needed Temple Quarter Secondary School opening 2023. 

Annette Conway, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Annette was new to the area when she started volunteering with Cuppa Connect.  Her confidence and conversation starters have sparked many a discussion. Thank you for making time for others whilst creating your new home here in Bristol. 

Alan James Bristol Waste, nominated by Sam Anders 

Alan is a member of the Bristol Waste street cleaning crew in Easton. Sadly our area is a hot spot for litter and overflowing bins, Alan is there every morning dealing with the copious amounts of rubbish dropped every day. 

Rani Kaur, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Rani is an energetic and enthusiastic volunteer for Eastside Connect. She is always willing to give support in any way she can.  Since volunteering with us she has grown in confidence and has now become an employee of Eastside Community Trust. 

Ingrid Sinclair, nominated by Jean Smith 

For the past few years, Ingrid has faithfully supported Nilaari with fundraising.  Her generosity has had a profound and lasting impact on the many vulnerable Black, Asian and minoritised individuals and their families living locally. 

Fathia Aidid, nominated by Khalil Abdi  

Fathia has helped Bristol Horn Youth Concern as a volunteer since 2020 when she got involved in supporting families during lockdown. She is a caring and kind woman who helps her community and puts them above herself. She is a local champion, helping local people know how to report issues. Thank you. 

Sally Caseley, nominated by Eastside Community Trust 

Sally has been involved in her local community for over 20 years. Sally was on the board for Community at Heart (later Up Our Street) and was the chair of the organisation for a number of years. Sally cares so much about The Dings where she lives and has a particular interest in making sure young people are supported. 

Bristol Bike Project, nominated by Abiir Shirdoon 

The Bristol Bike Project is a member-led co-operative repairing and rehoming bicycles within our community. They aim to help people from all walks of life get out on two wheels and for it to be an inclusive and empowering experience. 

Hamsa Hassan, nominated by Mohamed Ali and Warsome Hersi 

Hamsa Hassan for his relentless work within the Black, Asian and minoritised community members. Hamsa founded Phoenix NextGen FC, a community football club that has the main objective to empower the youth.  

Laura Welti, nominated by Amy Harrison 

Laura Welti, an Easton resident who is a passionate, committed and long-standing equalities activist for Disable people across the city. She was a catalyst for ensuring the Disabled community had a voice on climate issues in the city. 

Sima Gul, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Sima Gul lives in Easton and came to the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan. She supports women and families who were also in a similar situation to have somewhere welcoming to go and socialise. 

Damon Rand, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Damon Rand who has given countless hours of time as a volunteer helping Easton Community Centre on its journey to reduce the impact of climate change. Damon is dedicated to clean community-led energy and has championed this throughout his voluntary work.  

Ross Campbell, nominated by Tracy Edwards-Brown 

Ross Campbell who has utilised his skills as an exercise instructor to run Exercise Over the phone.  Ross has been very supportive and had a positive approach to this unusual but imaginative idea. 

Ted Fowler and Caroline Coleman, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Ted and Caroline who have lived in Easton since the 1980s and have always been active in the local community. In the past 2 years, Ted and Caroline have been leading residents around Owen Square Park to come together, aiming to improve the park. 

Hero Mahamad, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Hero Mahamad, an amazing help in the kitchen at #FelixRoadAPG helping provide free, nutritious, hot meals to children 6 days a week. While Hero works in a paid role during holidays, during term time she gives us countless hours of voluntary time.  

Easton Community Garden, nominated by Emily Fifield 

Thank you to the brilliant volunteers of Easton Community Garden for sharing their time, expertise and love of growing. The group has worked tirelessly to reopen the beautiful community garden space and get it ready for regular drop-in days. Two green thumbs up! 

Ruth Pickersgill, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Ruth is an inspiration. Since retiring from being a councillor Ruth has carried on her commitment to our community.  Her commitment to diversity is deep and authentic. Ruth deserves a huge thank you from us all. 

Cycling Sisters, nominated by Abiir Shirdoon 

Cycling Sisters was set up by local women to help support other women to learn how to cycle, particularly those who may face religious or cultural barriers.  The group has grown from strength to strength. It is a wonderful project to have locally. 

The Dings Community Association, nominated by Becky Whitmore 

The Ding Community Association is made up of a group of local residents that love their area and what to make things better for people that live the ‘village in a city’. They work out of The Safe ‘Ouse next to Dings Park running regular activities for the community. 

Aisha Guled, nominated by Khalil Abdi 

Aisha is a volunteer with Horn Youth Concern helping them with children’s activities. Aisha gives her time to help children and young people and inspires them to get involved in cooking. She is passionate about helping children to eat healthy food and look after themselves and improve their wellbeing.  

Andy Burkitt, nominated by Stacy Yelland 

Andy Burkitt, is passionate about young people having the best opportunities and a lifelong supporter of adventure playgrounds. He retires this year from the board of @UpOurStreet after decades of volunteering and will be greatly missed. 

Joyce Clark, nominated by Eastside Community Trust 

Joyce volunteered as a board member of Eastside Community Trust (previously Up Our Street and Community at Heart) for over 10 years. Joyce is a warm and caring person who has always been willing to help her community.  

Chaeyeon Lim, nominated by Ollie Fournier 

Chaeyeon volunteered at Felix Road Adventure Playground on a project to create an illustrated ebook. She supported children to read and paint scenes from the book during our after school sessions. Cheayeon was always a kind and welcoming presence. 

Pat Hart 

Pat Hart is a force of nature! This year he moved on to a wonderful role at @BBCWM, but he remains a director and presenter at @BCfmRadio the community station he has helped turn into a regional leader for inclusion and diversity in broadcasting.

Pat has done so much for the local community, supporting young people into careers in radio and encouraging many to volunteer to do something they love. Pat and Sherrie have given their time to the Thank You Awards for 10 years for which we are forever grateful.

Photographs of the evening by Fran from Evoke Pictures Lifestyle

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