Update: New Artworks for Stapleton Road

30 Jan, 2024
An update on how we're getting on with installing artworks on Stapleton Road. Plans have changed but it's still going to look great!

Eastside alongside Studio Meraki has been working hard over the last nine months to get three new public artworks installed and a number of shop shutters painted on Stapleton Road. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to secure permission to install the artworks in various locations. We’ve tried our best, and approached it from many different avenues but to no avail. As time ticks on we’ve had to come up with a plan B.


We’ve secured one site on the street and we are excited to say Molly Mural will be painting a huge, beautiful mural co-designed with the community in the Spring when the weather improves.

The other artists: Words n Pictures Collective, Zoe Gibbons and Peace of Art will now be displaying their designs on large lamp post banners the length of the street.

The tatty-looking old lamp post banners will be replaced with a range of artworks by the remaining artists, creating a colourful and inspiring trail along the street.
We’ll be celebrating the installation with a community event in the spring, so watch this space.

Molly Mural

Molly Hawkins, also known as Molly Mural, is a local visual artist who brings joy and positivity to the world through her bold, colourful cut-out shapes and patterns. Molly, based in Easton, will be completing her mural in the Spring.

“I’m filled with excitement as I reflect on the fantastic creations that emerged from the community crafts workshops I facilitated along Stapleton Road this past summer!

From the imaginative collages assembled at Afghan Tasty Corner to the captivating mini murals brought to life at Trinity Centre, the creativity displayed has been truly inspiring. Each piece is not just visually striking, but also encapsulates the engaging dialogues and innovative ideas exchanged within the community. These collective efforts are soon to be transformed into a unique public art piece that captures the essence of our vibrant community.”

Find Molly on Instagram @mollymural


The artworks have been commissioned as part of the City Centre and High Streets Recovery and Renewal programme, funded by Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority’s Love our High Streets project.

Zoe Gibbons at one of the community events over the summer.

The mural that will be painted by Molly in spring 2024.

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