12 Aug, 2020
WHAM is partnership project that helps to reduce fuel poverty. We are support the recruitment of Energy Champions in our community.

Eastside Community Trust is excited to be working with Bristol Energy Network and the Centre for Sustainable Energy on WHAM (Warm Homes, Advice and Money), a project to support residents who are struggling with their energy bills.

This project builds on the amazing community spirit of Easton and Lawrence Hill and invites neighbours to join together to look after each other and offer a helping hand. Working together we have recruited a number of Energy Champions to the project to provide peer-to-peer support for people experiencing household energy-related issues.

Bristol Energy Network provides full training for the Energy Champions equipping them to give presentations and one-to-one support to help people switch to cheaper and greener energy tariffs and access Warm Homes Discounts. The champion receives regular training updates and opportunities to take part in other related opportunities.

Eastside Community Trust link energy champions with residents, and local groups like faith groups, coffee mornings or support groups that meet regularly online.

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