Call to Connect

Call to Connect is a peer-to-peer group for people over 55. Members share their wealth of experience, knowledge, lived experience and skills, with others.

​Older people in the third age can fear the aging process, they see it as a stage of loss, diminished capability, worrying about lack of money, and fading memories. Our health systems have enabled us to live longer but not necessarily age well.

However people in the later phase of their life have the time, talent and purpose to provide support to their peers and wider community.

Call to Connect is a peer-to-peer support project funded by St Monica Trust.

Over 3 years the project will work to support the next generation of people over 55. We want to develop an active group who are up for sharing their wealth of experience, knowledge, lived experience and skills, with others of the same age. it’s important to recognise that not all people over 55 like the same things, have the same interests, and share the same life experiences but this project is about building a diverse group that can learn from and support each other and it’s these differences that mean the group will hopefully appeal to a wide range of people in our community.

Some people aged 55+ are faced with many challenges but particularly connecting again after COVID and using new digital technologies, mobile phones, the internet, and increased online living. This group will be supportive of this challenge some face. With the aim of increasing participants’ confidence online.

Over the three years of this project, we will be running:

  • a telephone line where people over 55 can “Call to Connect” for a chat or to support in solving a problem.
  • a variety of activities based over the phone and the internet.
  • a variety of activities, where possible, in venues across the project boundaries.
  • Bi-weekly lunch club plus yearly celebratory meals.


If you are someone who wants to know more or who would like to attend an activity or be a volunteer and you fit into the 55-85 age group, please contact  Tracy Edwards-Brown via phone 07947 830973 or email

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