Freedom Kids Podcast

The Freedom Kids Podcast is a show made by children from Felix Road Adventure Playground. We will talk about how we think, feel, see and dream our world.

Hello everyone and welcome to the…
Freedom Kids Podcast

A show made by children from Felix Road Adventure Playground. We are going to show you how we see, feel, think and dream our world.

What we think about...

In this series, we are looking at different topics related to climate change; transport, air quality, waste, energy, and the natural world.

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Name change

Regular listeners might wonder about the name change of the podcast in series two. New listeners might be confused about why in the first few episodes we are the Fun Kids Podcast and then switch to Freedom Kids Podcast?

Well, here is why…

After releasing a few episodes we were contacted by Fun Kids Radio who actually has trademarked the name Fun Kids for entertainment purposes. They very nicely asked us to change it, so we have. In series two, episode three the children share some of the reasons for choosing Freedom Kids Podcast.

Editing and production support by Playworker Araceli Cabrera Cáceres

The podcast is produced by Eastside Community Trust as part of the Community Climate Action project. The Community Climate Action Project is coordinated by Bristol Green Capital Partnership and funded by the National Lottery’s Climate Action Fund.

Recent projects…

COVID-19 support

COVID-19 support

Easton Community Centre is the COVID-19 support hub for Easton ward, find more info for those sheilding and vulnerable.

Family cycle hub

Family cycle hub

Adult and children’s bikes to hire for FREE so the whole family can explore the local area on two wheels together.​