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Easton Community Centre became one of Bristol’s many Welcoming Spaces in Winter 2022 with extended opening hours, free hot drinks, low-cost activities and a warm welcome.

Easton’s Community Living Room

Easton Community Centre became one of Bristol’s many Welcoming Spaces in Winter 2022. In addition to extended opening hours, free hot drinks and a warm welcome, there were additional FREE and low-cost events and activities at the centre. Many came along to take the pressure off the heating bills, learn something new, and connect with others.

While we are no longer an official Welcoming Space, we pride ourselves at continuing to offer many FREE and low-cost activities at Easton Community Centre, members of the community are also very welcome to come in for a sit-down, to charge their phones, wind down, relax and use our computers. 

A Welcoming Space is a place already established in the community (like Easton Community Centre), where people can meet up, socialise, access support relating to the cost of living, and keep warm. There were a network of spaces across Bristol that became Welcoming Space in the winter of 2022 to support our communities through that difficult time. Services at each Welcoming Space vary but at Easton Community Centre we provided:

  • access to support about energy, employment and discrimination
  • community activities, including social clubs, community meals and film nights
  • access to phones, free wifi and charging points
  • a heated space
  • extended opening times
  • toys, games and books
  • free hot drinks


Bristol City Council has coordinated and distributed funds to community buildings across the city to provide extra support to people during what will be a tough winter for many.

As well as Easton Community Centre there are several other Welcoming Spaces in our area providing a range of services. FIND OUT MORE HERE

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