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Join us to make Easton and Lawrence Hill a place of possibility for everyone.

A place of possibility for all

We are passionate about our community and putting local people in control so together we can build healthy and happy neighbourhoods.

What we do...

We work on a wide variety of projects in our community.

Our spaces

Felix Road and Easton Community Centre


Interested in community development, young people, want to run a class or share your skills?


List of events and activities taking places

Summer Of Play

As a member of Playful Bristol, we are joining a national campaign calling for a Summer of Play, to help children recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Carbon Footprint for Easton and Lawrence Hill

Our communities carbon footprint shows the average household emissions. We can use this as a guide to see where changes can have the most impact.

Blog: Encouraging climate action through people power

How can the everyday actions of people in Easton and Lawrence Hill encourage fellow residents to make positive changes to improve our environment?

Autumn 2020

Up Our Street magazine

Up Our Street is a community magazine that speaks from many perspectives, sharing community life through positive stories from East Bristol. It aims to build a sense of pride and belonging, inspiring residents to get invloved with activities in their neighbourhood.