We are a membership organisation which means you can become a member to influence our work, find out how we run and show support for what we do.

If you have an idea to benefit the community, suggestions about how we can improve or how best to spend our time and resources, we want you to join us.

A member is…

  • FREE
  • for people over 16 who live and work in Easton and Lawrence Hill
  • a simple form (we keep these details on a secure member database)
  • for 12 months and then can be renewed
  • a way you can vote on important issues at our Annual General Meeting

Why become a member?

  1. To have a voice and influence
  2. To support our vision, give us the mandate to act and measure our impact
  3. To be active in the community making a positive difference
Interested in getting involved or just keeping in touch, but not currently living or working in Easton and Lawrence Hill?
Sign up as a Friend of Eastside Community Trust, and we’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming events for friends and members and other opportunities to get involved!
Friends and members must support the long-term charitable aims of the organisation which is to serve the wards of Easton and Lawrence Hill, particularly the neighbourhoods of Easton, Lawrence Hill, Old Market, St Judes, Newtown, Whitehall, Greenbank, Redfield, The Dings and Barton Hill.
Full charitable objectives can be found at By becoming a member:
  1. I confirm that I am over the age of 16 and live or work in Easton or Lawrence Hill ward of Bristol.
  2. I support our charitable objects and shared values and am willing to abide by our Constitution and accept liability limited to £1 in the event of the charity winding up with debt.

Reasons for joining given by current members

“I have lived in Whitehall for 19 years and have seen many changes, however, the core community spirit remains and I am keen to support in any way I can.”

“Because my kids love adventures so much”

“Live locally and interested in how we make our streets happier and safer places to live.”

“Easton has plenty of people from different cultures living here and it would be lovely for our community to share experiences and get to know each other.”

“I want to be involved in our community”