Sewing social

Join us at Easton Community Centre for Sewing Social with Carla Diogo from Set Square Patterns. Meet | Mend | Recycle | Repurpose

Starts : January 14, 2022
Start Time : 10:00 am

Ends : June 17, 2022
End Time : 12:00 pm




Easton Community Centre -


Call to Connect, Regular


Eastside Community Trust
After a pilot session and Christmas special, we are pleased to say our Sewing Social group is going to become a regular thing for 2022.

The fabulous Carla Diogo from Set Square Patterns is going to run this group to help those who want to make, mend, recycle, and repurpose old cloths and fabric into something new!

Bring along your sewing projects and work alongside others with Carla’s expertise on hand to help and give advice. We have several sewing machines you can use and a stash of basic material. The group’s motto is; make, mend, recycle, repurpose. So, bring any materials with you that you would like to use, or reuse, on the day. Each session there will also be a different project if you are in need of inspiration or want to learn something different.

Beginners and experienced sewers welcome.

This is a social group but also a space to learn from each other and share ideas.

Dates and times

10am to 12pm Fridays

14 January
11 + 18 February
11 + 18 March
8 + 22 April
13 + 20 May
10 + 17 June

(Apologies for the randomness of dates, this is due to bookings in our main hall and staff availability)


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