Climate Action Plan: Happy People, Healthy Planet

11 Mar, 2022
Bristol's first Community Climate Action plans have been launched, putting communities at the heart of climate action locally.

Bristol’s community organisations are pioneering bold and fair community-led climate action. On 9 March 2022 Bristol’s first Community Climate Action plans were launched, demonstrating the leadership role communities are taking in the city’s response to the climate crisis.

Throughout 2021, six community organisations, including Eastside Community Trust, co-produced community climate action plans with and for their communities as part of the lottery-funded Bristol Community Climate Action project, co-ordinated by Bristol Green Capital Partnership. The plans identify key priorities which will help deliver Bristol’s 2030 carbon neutral ambition whilst also improving the quality of life for local residents, as the city recovers from the pandemic and the country attempts to ‘level up’ inequality.

Climate change and the changes needed to reduce its impacts are already picking up speed, and it’s important for Easton and Lawrence Hill to prepare now and decide what we want our shared future to look like and how we get there. We must take an active role if we are going to help shape the path forward in a way that protects and grows what is important and good in our community.

Easton and Lawrence Hill have proven beyond doubt our strength and ability to take on enormous challenges when we work together, especially when we’re protecting the people we love. Together – and only together – we can take action to ensure a brighter, healthier future for our community, city and world.

The plan draws on the knowledge and experiences of the people who know Easton and Lawrence Hill best, and who have the most at stake with changes made in the local area. The people who live here in flats, houses and vans; who walk, cycle, scoot, wheel, run, ride and drive along these streets; who go to school, volunteer and work here; who do their weekly shop, run small businesses, attend faith services, go to medical appointments, play, gather and relax here. In short, all the people who call Easton and Lawrence Hill home.

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