New artworks unveiled on Stapleton Road

7 Jun, 2024
Stapleton Road is refreshed with vibrant and diverse artworks created by local artists with input from local people.

After 12 months of creative workshops and community engagement, Stapleton Road is refreshed with vibrant and diverse artworks created by local artists with input from local people. The project is part of the City Centre and High Streets Culture and Events Programme funded by WECA and Bristol City Council. The project team Eastside Community Trust, Studio Meraki and Bristol Horn Youth Concern, celebrated with local people and artists on Thursday 30 June with a community celebration that marked the unveiling of new public artworks.

Last summer Eastside Community Trust, Bristol Horn Youth Concern and Studio Meraki worked with several businesses and groups on Stapleton Road to hold a series of street events. We invited people from across Bristol to visit the amazing range of cafes, specialist shops, restaurants and community projects on Bristol’s most diverse high street. The events were also an opportunity for local people to feel proud of the street and occupy it in a positive way. The road is often seen in a negative light and this project has shown the road and its businesses in a new light. 

“Stapleton Road has a rich variety of cultures. It’s great to see an event that brings people together and celebrates diversity.” Event attendee. 

“We are excited about sharing these new artworks with everyone. All of the artists involved have been really passionate and committed to this project and have done a great job of reflecting the spirit and diversity of Stapleton Road through their work. We are proud to have worked closely with the community to bring these visions to life and we hope everyone likes them.”

Becky Whitmore

Communications Manager (Project Lead), Eastside Community Trust

Flags on lamp posts feature work by Peace of Art, Zoe Gibbons, and Words n Picture Collective 

The artists commissioned for the project worked closely with local people during the design phase of their artworks. They ran workshops, took walks and worked closely with the women depicted. 

One of the project’s aims was to increase the visibility and presence of women on the street. The all-female artist team and the celebration of prominent local women have helped achieve this aim, and the group is pleased with the outcome. 

Zoe Gibbons – Aunties of Easton
I’ve made four images to be displayed on Stapleton Road. I have called them the ‘Aunties of Easton’ as each woman is deep rooted in her community, which cuts across all ages and backgrounds. The positive efforts of all four women help empower others.” 
Auntie of Easton blog 
Instagram @zoegibbons_art

Peace of Art
Peace of Art have created a beautiful decorative pattern in their signature style incorporating shapes, colours and patterns inspired by the street.
Instagram @peace_of_art_bristol 

Words n Pictures Collective – Marion Wright, Dr Zakiya McKenzie and Jess Grimsdale
The all-female collective of practicing artists with expertise in poetry, signwriting, and scenic painting have created three beautiful hand drawn images featuring words from two poems written by Dr Zakiya McKenzie. The images and words incorporate the natural world and the cultural heritage of Stapleton Road. 
Instagram @wordsnpictures_collective 
Marion Wright | Dr Zakiya McKenzie | Jess Grimsdale 

Molly Mural
Molly Hawkins, an artist, designer and muralist known for creating vibrant playful public artworks, has created a large-scale mural on the corner of Clare Road in the heart of Easton. 

The creative foundation of this mural consisted of a series of craft workshops hosted by Molly, where locals shared stories, contributed ideas and imagined colours, symbols and motifs that reflected the vibrancy of Stapleton Road, which were then woven into the final design. 

“This project is about more than just creating art; it’s about creating a shared experience,” explains Molly. “I’ve been so inspired by people of all ages and cultures coming together, sharing stories and connecting to create this collaboration. It’s been an honour!”
Instagram @mollymural 

This project was delivered as one of the activities under the City Centre and High Streets Recovery and Renewal programme, funded by Bristol City Council and the West of England Combined Authority’s Love our High Streets project.

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