Introducing a weekly Quiet Hour at Felix Road

28 Mar, 2024
Introducing a calm and relaxed Quiet Hour at Felix Road on Sundays and at special events before our open assess session.

Introducing a Quiet Hour
Sundays + special events
1 to 2pm (2 to 5pm open access)

After the Easter holidays (from Sunday 21 April) we will be introducing a quiet hour on Sundays before our open access session at Felix Road Adventure Playground.

At Felix Road we believe all children have the right to free play. Creating a welcoming and accessible play environment is core to our values and we are working to increase accessibility for all children. Our playground is used by groups such as Bristol Autism Project, KHASS and SEND Family Club. It is through conversations with these groups, and families of children facing disabilities and neurodivergence that we have decided to introduce a Quiet Hour on Sundays and at special events.

This hour is for children who need a calm and more relaxed environment to play in. These sessions are aimed at children with sensory and additional needs who may find an open access session overwhelming or maybe just need a bit of space to get comfortable before we open the gates to everyone else.

What’s changing?
The first hour of our Sunday open access session will be a Quiet Hour (1 to 2pm)

During the hour you can expect:

  • The gate will be kept closed – this is to give families the confidence that their child/ren can play freely without fear of running out into the road
  • A playworker will be on the gate to welcome you and your child/ren

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